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Where Can I Buy Nematodes Cheap
Image and video hosting by TinyPic For many people that have a lawn or tend to it know how dreadful a full blown grub infestation can be. Grubs are small usually white colored ‘C’ shaped creatures that eat the roots of your lawn’s grass, leading to the death of the grass and the formation of dry patches in your lawn. These grubs are the larvae of June beetles, Japanese beetles and European beetle chafers. These adult beetles emerge and lay eggs from the end of June till the beginning of August and once these eggs hatch, the grubs grow quickly and by late August, the detrimental effect of grubs can be seen on the lawn, as this is the time when the grubs are feeding heavily on the plant roots. So, what can be done to get rid of these grubs? What you need to do is make use of natural grub enemies like certain species of wasps that tend to get rid of grubs. These wasps usually do not sting people. However, to depend on this select specie of wasps to get rid of grubs is not helpful and so; a better option would be to turn to the relatively dependable nematodes. So, what are nematodes and how are they helpful in managing grubs? Let us see.

What are Nematodes?

Nematodes are naturally occurring worms that can be found in nearly every ecosystem in the world. These are worms that may be microscopic or could even be large and parasitic in nature. However, the worms that act on grubs are microscopic. How do these worms kill grubs? Well, these nematodes act in many ways to save you the problem with dealing with these grubs. They are natural in their effort to curb the grub. They reproduce in the host cell of the grub and kill it. Then, once this is done, these worms leave the dying host and turn to their next victim, that is, another host grub and repeat the entire cycle. What's more is that well grown plants are entirely resistant to these helpful nematodes and so, you needn't worry about these worms causing any damage to your plants or your lawn.

Where Can I Buy Nematodes Cheap?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Now that you know all about the beneficial effects of nematodes, the next step is to buy them. So, you must be wondering ‘where can I buy nematodes?’ While many people tend to harvest nematodes on their own, it is best to buy them from either seasoned horticulturalists or organic pest control farms. There are many sources of these nematodes and you can easily get a packet that contains about fifty million of these worms for a modest price if you know where to look. Thus, it is not difficult to get nematodes that act on grub to get rid of them. You can always buy nematodes from professionals who breed them. These will ensure that you get good quality nematodes for your money’s worth. So, buy high quality nematodes from reputable sources for best results.

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